The Revolution (Relaunch) is a revisionary, radical, and creative resurgence of the weekly women’s rights newspaper founded by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony (1868-1872), which was the official publication of the National Woman Suffrage Association. Though based in Phoenix, AZ, we are not limited in scope or vision—geographic, demographic, or otherwise.

Tragically, in the wake of clinic closures and state bans on reproductive rights, as well as the detention of infants and children by both U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it has begun to feel like we’re re-entering an era that demands the kind of visibility and political passion of the first wave of feminism, a relaunching of the fervor and spirit of The Revolution with a revisionary eye toward the creative. From the battle for basic rights of citizenship and parenthood, to the right to claim our own bodies and access the care we deem appropriate, we are fighting for the lives of women, children, and the historically disenfranchised, and we will not relinquish our creativity in the process.

As we see it, our objective is to provide a space for creative activism, for arts-based research and commentary, thereby producing a diverse body of compassionate, lyrical resistance as opposed to an inflamed polemic. We measure our success by how thoroughly we can address the concerns of the myriad cultures and populations affected by the growing totalitarian sentiments within our country, by how effectively we can highlight the many facets of the American socio-political narrative.

The Revolution (Relaunch) is published monthly on the web and in print, hitting Phoenix newsstands around the first of each month. For distribution of the print version in Phoenix or elsewhere, contact us at therevolutionrelaunch@gmail.com