WFMJ: Salt Lake City

It was truly was a privilege to organize the Salt Lake City reading with Paula Mendoza, JP Grasser, and Willy Palomo. They are fierce advocates for our community and the power writers have in bringing the community together for important causes, particularly the national Writers for Migrant Justice Protest readings. Recently moving to Salt Lake from Houston, TX, a border state with a vibrant immigrant population, I saw every day how our diversity and immigrant populations not only make us a better country, but allows our country to be what it is today. What’s happening along the border horrifies me, and raising funds through art and performance to provide concrete support to families being separated at the border seems the very least we can do to start rectifying these injustices. Hopefully, with continued efforts and fundraising, Immigrant Families Together and other organizations will help us treat those arriving at the border with the dignity they deserve, welcoming them rather than inflicting additional trauma upon them.

~Matty Layne Glasgow, Assistant Editor of Quarterly West and the coordinator of Writers in the Schools Coordinator