Author: TRR

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It’s Not . . .

It’s not living on the street,shut out from shelter.It’s not hunger—satiety deniedon desert days of need. It’s self-suspicion,doubts dogging every action,feeling responsible for a ruptured family; watching a mother’s partitioned minddemolish childhood hopes, thenunraveling knitted […]

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I’ve been letting the tiny snakesrattle around my brain,until one is unleashedlike a tongue,eliciting some wound you’drather forget,elucidating the long and windyoutcome of memory gone extinct. What if we let ourselves become animals?What if we […]

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It doesn’t come with ease. They tell you that“life isn’t fair” with gusto,with pleasing remorse.They tell you that nothing will change. Are you at ease? Do you feel me? I feel the chatterand short intakes […]