I Know This is Muy Dificil

“Breathe Keep breathing I can’t do this Alone”
— Thomas Edward Yorke

Keep exhaling, let the pen,
marker black, scratching out
words on the page be your
voz. With each erasure
mi compañera tu siempre
star skyward while recreating
breaths, clouds once flowing
out with poetry purifies
your inside no longer
polluting, exhausts each
air that plunges outside
your lungs, respirar
las rimas adentro, allow
these pulmonary poemas
to keep grasping with each
gripping of your pluma
su boca resilient, sus labios
can feel these creation gusts
coming, expanding pulmón
pulsating inside, forget la tos
each cough another line
break, don’t fear the next
wheezing gust, immortalize
yourself on paper, press
save and remember mi amiga
every rhyme you have
ever uttered will echo
resound expanding you
are la aire, respirar su poesia
no more thoughts of pecho
dolor, you will sobrevivir,
from here I can feel you inhaling
words and exhaling su voz
I see my sister standing up
with each stanza, I know
this is muy difícil, you
withstand while outlasting
each gasp, debes exhalar
e inhalar por la nariz
more than envision, mi
hermana you will feel
manana’s voice ready to
reignite triumphantly loud.

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is the author of the full-length poetry collection Flashes & Verses… Becoming Attractions from Unsolicited Press, the poetry chapbook So Many Flowers, So Little Time from Red Mare Press. Between the Spine is a collection of erotic love poems published with Picture Show Press and La Belle Ajar, a collection of cento poems inspired by Sylvia Plath’s 1963 novel, published in 2020 by CLASH Books. You can connect with Adrian on his website: http://www.adrianernestocepeda.com/

Photography by Kurt Viers.