Flaming Feminist Litigator

“RGB,” acrylic on canvas, 48x60inches, 2019

To me, Ruth Bader Ginsburg represents the best in all of us. She spent her entire career working within the current system to make it better for all marginalized people. I am a painter, not a writer. In Spring of 2019, I felt compelled to honor people who have worked for the public good, who concentrated their time to change the United States for the better. Notorious RBG was on that short list. With great intelligence and heart, she tackled the inequities built into our system of laws as well as those that were simply unspoken and unwritten habits. WE owe her a great debt which we can repay by continuing the work.

~Lucretia Torva, artist

TRR is grateful to be showcasing Lucretia’s work as part of our RBG tribute issue. Her portrait of AOC can be found in our archives: “AOC”: In Celebration of Women